Weatherspoon Arts Foundation

The Weatherspoon Arts Foundation was established in 1990 as a private non-profit organization to hold title to the permanent collection of the Weatherspoon Art Museum. By an operating agreement, the Foundation delegates full management responsibility for the collection to the university and, in turn, to the professional staff of the museum. The collection is maintained for teaching, research and public service purposes exclusively for the use and benefit of the University. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, nominated by the Foundation and approved by the University Board of Trustees. The Foundation accepts all gifts and purchases for the collection and must approve all works recommended for deaccession.

Weatherspoon Arts Foundation 2018-2019:



Skip Moore, President
Kathy Craft, Vice President 
Beth Fischer, Secretary
Charles Maimone - Treasurer

Executive Committee:

Skip Moore, President
Kathy Craft, Vice President
Beth Fischer, Secretary, Vice Chancellor Advancement
Charles Maimone, Treasurer, Vice Chancellor Business Affairs*
Nancy M. Doll, Director*
Frank Auman, at-large
Fran Davis, at-large
Richard Levy, at-large

Board of Directors:

To serve through April 2019

Frank Auman
Jane Cochrane
Kathy Craft
Fran Davis
Lyle Humphrey
Eugene LeBauer
Richard Levy
Skip Moore
Bradshaw Orrell


To serve through April 2020

John Davis
David Freilich
Jacquelean Gilliam
Jeanette Cone Kimmel
Laurie Lloyd
Katherine Phillips
Timothy Warmath


To serve through April 2021

Robin Barefoot
Marianne Bennett
Beth Boulton
Carolyn Green
Skip Moore
Kim Richmond

* Ex-officio