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Ekphrastic Writing…part II


Two Women

  • De Kooning’s woman flails
  • on the canvas, curses, raves,

blood on her arm.

  • Across from her, Catlett’s sharecropper,
  • face like carved mahogany,

history in its planes, stares

  • sideways out of the frame.
  • A safety pin clinches

her jacket.  Her straw hat gives

  • no shelter from the sun.
  • Her strength is etched

in silence.

  • Submitted by Judith Behar.

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Ekphrastic Writing


Better known as “writing about art”, Ekphrastic writing dates back to ancient Greece yet the form we know today took hold in the late 18th century. Think of Keats’ 1819, Ode on a Grecian Urn and you get the picture… literally. Ekphrastic writing as an art form continues of course today, thanks in part to writers like Greensboro’s own Val Nieman who led a workshop on the genre at WAM last month. Here are a few examples of the poems and prose created that evening…Weatherspoon Art Museum

  • Paint, just paint

  • Bound, adhered, aligned
  • only to itself;
  • fretted hanging pigments
  • unsupported by
  • canvas, paper or panel

  • Like runes of pre-syllabic words,
  • inchoate prescience –
  • magical in anticipation, and

  • Bound toward meaning.

by Connie Ralston, based on the work, Fold #8: Baroquesy, by Linda Besemer, 1999.


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