Lecture: Erika Doss "Memorial Mania"

Apr 4, 6pm - 7pm

Lecture: Erika Doss

Grief, fear, gratitude, shame, and anger: scholar Erika Doss explores how these emotions inform and offer frameworks for understanding projects of commemoration. From figurative sculptures to abstract monuments, impromptu offerings to years-long design competitions, Doss examines how Americans memorialize triumphs and tragedies.

Erika Doss is Professor of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame, where she teaches courses in American, modern, and contemporary art and visual culture. Her book Memorial Mania: Public Feeling in America was published by University of Chicago Press in 2010.

Doss’s lecture is presented by the School of Art and Weatherspoon Art Museum as part of UNCG’s campus-wide initiative, WAR & PEACE IMAGINED.

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