Noon @ the 'Spoon Public Tour: "Minimalism/Post-Minimalism"

Apr 11, 12pm - 12:30pm

Noon @ the 'Spoon Public Tour:

Our 20-minute Noon @ the 'Spoon tour is a fun way to explore a new exhibition during your lunch break. Offered the second Tuesday of the month. Free and open to the public.

This month we will be touring the exhibition Minimalism/Post-Minimalism.

Works in this exhibition explore the development of and stylistic variety within Minimalism, as well as its continued influence on visual art today. Beginning in the 1960s, many artists started to question the importance of having an object refer to something beyond itself or of it being executed by the artist’s own hand. For example, Sol LeWitt’s wall piece displays the Minimalists’ preference for the impersonal, geometric, and modular. In addition, by hanging it on the wall, LeWitt questioned and compressed the heretofore division between two- and three-dimensional work, a concept later explored by Allan McCollum in his plaster “paintings.” Still other artists such as Fred Sandback and Richard Haas, and later Emil Lukas and Peter Alexander, investigated non-art materials like spring steel, paper cups, and resin. Rounding out the exhibition are works by Agnes Martin, Eva Hesse, Ellsworth Kelly, Sean Scully, and Christopher French, among others.

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