Baggage Claims

Jan 27, 1pm - 5pm

Baggage Claims  photo

Baggage transports and holds our belongings, and by implication our thoughts. As objects, trunks, suitcases, luggage, and crates suggest the extreme mobility of our global culture. As ideas, in this exhibition, they refer to the humanitarian and political concerns that instigate this mobility and that dominate national and international conversation and policy. The term baggage also carries a psychological meaning: things that encumber one's freedom, progress, or development.  More.

This exhibition is organized by the Orlando Museum of Art and co-curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox of c2-curatorsquared.

Its presentation at the Weatherspoon is supported by a Kohler Grant from UNCG's International Programs Center, UNCG's Keker First Year Common Read, and ArtsGreensboro.

Image: Avery McOuaid Nelson Lawrence, "Arranging Suitcases" (detail), 2012. Installation including wallpaper, objects, works on paper, and a 9-minute video; dimensions variable. © Avery McQuaid Nelson Lawrence. Image courtesy of the artist.

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