Noon @ the 'Spoon Public Tour: "Sanford Biggers"

Feb 13, 12pm - 12:20pm

Noon @ the 'Spoon Public Tour:

Our 20-minute Noon @ the 'Spoon tour is a fun way to explore a new exhibition during your lunch break. Offered the second Tuesday of the month. Free.

This month we will be touring the exhibition Sanford Biggers: Falk Visiting Artist; on view through Apr 8, 2018.

Multimedia artist Sanford Biggers creates artworks that intentionally complicate our understandings of history, culture, and identity. His densely layered paintings on antique southern quilts combine imagery from such disparate sources as Buddhism, graffiti, and harmonics. Linked by themes of navigation, these motifs simultaneously recall stories of quilts being used as markers on the Underground Railroad and star charts employed byastronomers. At once visually beautiful and conceptually rich, they pose important questions about how history informs the present and how all humans—regardless of context—try to make their way in a complicated world.  More.

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