Creative Collaboration in Art Practice, Research & Pedagogy

Aug 29, 4pm - 5pm

Creative Collaboration in Art Practice, Research & Pedagogy photo

Creative collaboration takes many forms within the classroom, the studio, and in business, often with innovative and unexpected results. Kathryn Shields, Associate Academic Dean, Guilford College, along with Sunny Spillane, artist and Assistant Professor of Art Education, UNCG, discuss their 2018 publication of essays investigating the various aspects of creative collaboration. In their own research, they highlight the shifting of boundaries of power and identity leading to new ways of thinking about what happens in a group of learners. 

They are joined by Heather Holian, Associate Professor of Art History, UNCG, who shares her current research on the animation film company Pixar and specifically the art team responsible for the film Brave. And Sheryl Oring, artist and Associate Professor of Art, UNCG, talks about collaborating with the general public, in this case travelers at the San Diego International Airport, as part of her Travel Desk project. 

Creative Collaboration in Art Practice, Research, and Pedagogy is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Moth Mural by PlantBot Genetics. © Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki, 2016

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