Past Exhibitions

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Jane South: Infrastructures

June 17, 2007 – September 23, 2007

Jane South's complex paper constructions navigate the properties of drawing and sculpture. She assembles fragile architectural networks from painted paper that has been meticulously cut, folded, tabbed and then glued together. Her motifs, drawn from a lexicon of invented architectural and industrial... More

2007 UNCG Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

April 29, 2007 – June 3, 2007

The "2007 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition" features work by ten candidates in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Department of Art graduate program: Catherine Berlanga (drawing/painting), Stephanie Birmingham (painting), Phoebe Briley (digital), Dustin Hinson (mixed media), Christi... More

Maud Gatewood

April 8, 2007 – September 9, 2007

Maud Gatewood (American, 1934-2004) was a powerful force in the North Carolina art community. As a painter, teacher, activist and staunch individualist, she delighted viewers, inspired students, supported organizations, and served as a role model for how to participate in a world of images and ideas... More

Figured/Out: Contemporary Art from the Permanent Collection

March 11, 2007 – July 8, 2007

Standing in front of a work of contemporary art, many viewers can feel disconnected from it. “What is this supposed to be?” is perhaps the most common reaction. “Isn’t art supposed to look like something I know? A portrait? A figure? A still life or landscape?” The answer is: yes, art can... More

Catherine Opie: 1999 and In and Around Home

February 11, 2007 – April 29, 2007

Since the prominent debut of her classically composed images capturing Los Angeles's gay subculture in 1994, Catherine Opie has explored the rich terrain of cultural portraiture and the documentary tradition in America. The Weatherspoon is proud to present two of Opie's photographic series in this exhibition... More

Henri Matisse: Prints and Bronzes from the Etta and Claribel Cone Collection

January 28, 2007 – April 15, 2007

The Baltimore Museum of Art is home to the famous Cone Collection of modern art. There is, of course, a second Cone collection, one less well known internationally but certainly treasured here in North Carolina: the Etta and Claribel Cone Collection at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. More