Al Held + Robert Mangold: B/W to Color

  • Sep 4, 2014 – Dec 7, 2014
  • The Leah Louise B. Tannenbaum Gallery
Al Held, "East-Northeast", 1973, acrylic on canvas, 84 1/8 x 96 1/8 in.
Museum purchase with funds from Burlington Industries and the Ciba-Geigy
Corporation, 1975.

How do artists learn from and influence one another? This exhibition explores the relationships between the work of American abstract artists Al Held and Robert Mangold in the 1960s and onwards. 

Intensely interested in working within the language of geometric abstraction to challenge notions of perspectival space, from 1967 to1977 Held devoted himself to creating large-scale, black & white paintings. At that time, the younger artist, Mangold, focused on combining line with geometric planes of color to similarly explore the possibilities for creating dimensionality and depth. The exhibition, which is culled from the Weatherspoon’s permanent collection, features important paintings from this period, as well as others dating through 1992.

The exhibition is organized by Xandra Eden, Curator of Exhibitions. 

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