American Art II: 1960-Present

  • Dec 13, 2009 – Mar 7, 2010
Installation view: Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2010.

For most of the twentieth century, sculpture seemed to be the poor relation of modernist art compared to painting. This ill-fated status changed, however, in the 1960s when painting lost its central position and was replaced by a multiplicity of three-dimensional practices. This exhibition surveys some of the sculptural movements that have evolved since 1960. The objects on display also reveal some of the major artistic concerns that have preoccupied artists as a whole from the 1960s on. Due in part to these innovative explorations, a proliferation of materials, techniques, and forms now exist for today’s artists to choose from, and a multiplicity of attitudes and concerns likewise jostle for the artist’s—and viewer’s—attention.

We have six galleries located on the first and second levels of the museum, view our gallery map.