Anne Chu: Falk Visiting Artist

  • Jan 23, 2005 – Apr 17, 2005
Installation view: Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2005.

Among the influences on Anne Chu’s work are Tang Dynasty ceramics, medieval court figures, Chinese landscape painting traditions, medieval pageantry and, more recently, marionette theater. These various interests are matched in the range of media that Chu explores: glazed ceramic, bronze, carved wood sculpture, watercolor, and monoprint.

In much of her work, Chu leaves the process of its creation revealed. For example, gestural brush strokes interact with the white ground of watercolor paper to form an abstract painting that also coheres as a landscape image. In leaving portions of a wooden sculpture uncarved from the block, the artist makes visible both some of her thought process and her working method. What may appear as a naiveté in her work is belied by its strong conceptual basis.

This exhibition includes sculpture and works on paper, and it focuses on three aspects of the artist’s work: landscapes, court figures, and animals. Chu has long explored animal imagery, ranging from large standing papier-mache bears to cast bronze ravens. Animals sometimes seem to function as surrogates for the human form and at other times, as emissaries to the worlds of mythology and imagination. Throughout her work, Anne Chu explores artistic conventions of East and West and the parameters of depiction and meaning across cultures. In March, the first full museum survey of her work will open at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami.

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