Cool, Collected & In Context

  • Feb 22, 2009 – May 3, 2009
Installation view: Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2009.

When acquiring a new work for the museum's permanent collection, the curatorial team and members of the Weatherspoon Association's Acquisitions Committee consider a variety of factors. The process can be complex, taking into account price, provenance and condition of the work as well as our ability to safely store and preserve it.

The most basic factor, however, is how a new purchase or gift will relate to the existing collection. Will it fill a gap? Will it amplify the holdings of a particular artist? Will it expand our ability to look at a particular theme, movement, or point in time? Will it offer new ways to look at a medium or subject? This exhibition attempts to demonstrate the result of such questions.

Our Woman painting by Willem de Kooning, safely back after her star showing at The Jewish Museum's Action/Abstraction exhibition, will be juxtaposed with other representations of the human form by women artists. Another group of works will reveal the continuing interest in collage as a medium, from Joseph Stella's 1920 Chiclets to recent work by Pablo Helguera.

Works of art “talk” to one another; that is, they set up dialogues for us about aesthetic, social, and conceptual ideas. Our job as museum staff is to facilitate that dialogue between the viewer and the artwork. 


We have six galleries located on the first and second levels of the museum, view our gallery map.