Henri Matisse: Prints and Bronzes from the Claribel and Etta Cone Collection

  • Mar 6, 2005 – May 1, 2005
Installation view: Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2005.

For years, selected works by Henri Matisse from the Claribel and Etta Cone Collection have been on view in a variety of combinations. The sixty-seven prints and seven bronzes in the collection are now rotated in three distinct segments: the first features primarily studies of faces; the second focuses on the nude; and the third on odalisques, a favorite Matisse subject. The rotation system allows the Museum’s staff to track the exposure to light the prints receive, since overexposure can be damaging to paper. These rotations also provide visitors with a special viewpoint for each installation.

The current exhibition of portraits and various head studies by Matisse shows the artist as a master of line. Matisse once famously said that he wanted his art to have the same effect on people as a nice comfortable chair for a businessman at the end of a hard day. In his lithograph of a young woman in front of a flowered screen, the artist indulges this romantic armchair philosophy. This image is pure Matisse in its black and white reverie, with the calm and wistful face of the model evoking a quiet moment of daydreaming.

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