Our Subject Is You

  • Jun 20, 2009 – Sep 13, 2009
Steve Lambert, "I Will Talk With Anyone About Anything", 2006/2009,
table, chair, banner, variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist. .
Installation view: Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2009. Photo: Martin Tucker.

Our Subject is You is the first exhibition organized by the Weatherspoon Art Museum to focus on participatory art. The artists in the exhibition rely on the involvement of the public in order for their work to be realized. They form avenues for meaningful engagement within the context of the gallery, inviting museum visitors to contribute to the creation of artwork through social interaction, collaboration, and/or performativity. Artists included in the show are Tonico Lemos Auad (Brazil/UK), Harrell Fletcher (USA), Nina Katchadourian (USA), San Keller (Switzerland), Steve Lambert (USA), Darren O'Donnell (Canada), Sherri Lynn Wood (USA) and Erwin Wurm (Austria).

In the exhibition, museum visitors will take part in the formation of artwork and through special live participatory events at the June 19th opening. Through this process, Our Subject is You anticipates visitors will become aware of a collapse between the traditional boundaries that define spectator from artwork, or spectator from performer, and perceive themselves to be active participants in the creation of art and culture.

The embrace of social collaboration in art has its roots in the Happenings and interactive works produced by artists such as Yoko Ono and Alan Kaprow in the 1960s. Now reformulated by globalization and the widespread use of the internet, the works in Our Subject is You reveal how participatory practice has increased in relevance—and prevalence—among artists over the past decade.

Our Subject is You is co-curated by conceptual artist and UNCG Assistant Professor of Art, Lee Walton and Weatherspoon Curator of Exhibitions, Xandra Eden. Support for San Keller’s work is generously provided by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.

Special thanks to our sponsors, the Weatherspoon Art Museum Association, and Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing Co. who kindly donated beverages for the Summer Solstice Party.


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