The Liberated Eye: American Modernisms

  • Jul 22, 2007 – Nov 25, 2007
Installation view: Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2007.

American artists working in the first decades of the twentieth century had high ambitions for the future: just as technology was going to liberate societies from work and create new worlds of knowledge, painting and sculpture were going to expand the creative potential of new artistic methods and a new symbolic vocabulary. Artists looked to the city and to science for inspiration, as well as to other art forms in order to more deeply explore ideas, emotions and even the possibility of a universal visual language.

The Liberated Eye: American Modernisms features works of art from the Weatherspoon’s permanent collection that represent early efforts in this country to explore, understand and communicate the complex phenomenon known as “modernism.” Artists in the exhibition include Josef Albers, Louis Bouche, Arthur B. Davies, Balcomb Greene, Jules Kirschenbaum, Willem De Kooning, George L.K. Morris, and Charles Shaw, among others. There will be a sequel exhibition opening on December 9, 2007, which will feature Postmodern works from the collection.

We have six galleries located on the first and second levels of the museum, view our gallery map.