K-12 Students & Teachers

"The docents opened the minds of the youth to think about art in various ways. I rave about our experience all the time. It has been fabulous each and every time we have attended."  Emily Lyons, Homeschool Group Liason

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Class size and chaperone requirements may vary with exhibitions. We recommend scheduling guided and self-guided visits at least three weeks in advance. See our Pre- and Post-Visit Activities and our general Tips for Visiting.

Programs offered for K-12 students and teachers include:  

Art + Writing Experiences

Art + Writing Experiences (AWE) program offers the opportunity for close observation of modern and contemporary art followed by a fun interpretive writing activity. Recommended for grades 6 and up. 75-90 minutes. 

Focus on Visual Literacy

Recognizing, understanding and analyzing ideas and information through images--rather than text--is central to developing visual literacy skills. Specific goals are discussed with faculty in advance and artworks are selected to foster collaborative, discussion-based teaching and learning in the galleries. Common themes address visual rhetoric, interpretation, and visual bias. 50-90 minutes.

 Learning to Look

Led by trained docents, students and adults are invited to explore the museum while trying out strategies for looking at and interpreting modern and contemporary art. 50 minutes. 

Self-guided Lesson Plans

Workshops for Educators

Educators Workshop: Identity in a Suitcase • Thursday February 22, 2018, 5-8 PM (registration required)