Artist Talk: Traversing a Foreign Border Domestically

Jul 5, 4pm - 5pm

Artist Talk: Traversing a Foreign Border Domestically photo

On May 12, 2011 artist Joe Bigley began a long term performance art project biking 3,435.5 miles, the length and shape of the border of Afghanistan in the U.S., beginning and returning to Ground Zero in Manhattan. Bigley, who will bike through Greensboro on July 5, will be engaging in a dialogue with the public during the project called, Traversing A Foreign Border Domestically (T.F.B.D.). A talk with the artist will be held at 4pm in the Weatherspoon auditorium.

Approaching the discourse from a neutral angle, he will be archiving a slice of public perception regarding the war in Afghanistan. Averaging 75 miles per day, Bigley is slated to return to Manhattan where he will spend 2 days in each burrow of the city to continue the journalistic aspect of the project to those who may have been more directly effected by the attacks of almost 10 years ago now. He will be keeping an active blog about the experience and the sociological data collected during the project will be posted onto

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