Sustainability Film & Discussion Series: "Just Eat It: A Food Waste Movie"

Mar 17, 6:30pm - 8pm

Sustainability Film & Discussion Series:

Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant dive into the issue of food waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good food that is tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive only on discarded food. What they find is truly shocking: Just Eat It: A Food Waste Movie (2014, 75 minutes).

Tonight's post-screening discussion is led by Marianne LeGreco, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, UNCG. Marianne's research interests include health and organizational communication, food policy, community engagement, and discourse analysis. She is actively engaged with Greensboro's Mobile Oasis Food Market, which brings fresh produce to areas of the city known as “food deserts.”

The 10th Annual UNCG Sustainability Film & Discussion Series at WAM is the longest running program of its kind in the region and continues to lend voice to environmental, sustainability, and climate issues affecting our community and the world. It is supported in part by the UNCG Office of Sustainability, University Libraries, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program, and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. 

10th Annual Sustainability Film & Discussion Series:

  • AUGUST 27, 2015  - An Inconvenient Truth (2006) 
  • SEPTEMBER 24 - Who Killed the Electric Car (2006) 
  • OCTOBER 22 - King Corn (2007)
  • NOVEMBER 12 - Waste Land (2010) 
  • JANUARY 21, 2016 - Living Downstream (2010)
  • FEBRUARY 25 - Overburden (2015) 
  • MARCH 17  - Just Eat It (2015)
  • APRIL 21 - UNCG Sustainability Short Film Competition

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