Past Exhibitions

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Wangechi Mutu: The End of eating Everything

February 16, 2019 – April 14, 2019

Wangechi Mutu’s animated video critiques society’s gluttonous consumption and over-indulgence. More

Modern Roots: A Survey of Latin American Art from the Collection

October 13, 2018 – December 23, 2018

The museum will showcase objects from its collection by modern and contemporary artists hailing from the diverse Latin American cultures of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Uruguay. More

Oscar Muñoz: Re/trato

October 13, 2018 – December 23, 2018


Andy Warhol: Prints, Polaroids, and Photographs from the Collection

September 29, 2018 – February 3, 2019

Andy Warhol explored the relationships among artistic expression, celebrity culture, and popular culture that first began in the 1960s. More

Dread & Delight: Fairy Tales in an Anxious World

August 25, 2018 – December 9, 2018

This exciting new show brings together the work of contemporary artists who have used classical fairy tales to address the complexities of our lives today. More

1960s: A Survey of the Decade

July 14, 2018 – February 17, 2019

Drawn from the museum’s collection, this exhibition highlights various art styles and social issues that emerged in America during the turbulent decade of the 1960s. More