Altered States & Visions

  • Dec 3, 2011 – Feb 12, 2012
  • The Gregory D. Ivy Gallery, The Weatherspoon Guild Gallery
Jim Nutt, "I'll be Back in a Minute", 1973, colored pencil on paper, 29 x
26 in. Gift of Ruth Mayer Durchslag from the Robert B. Mayer Memorial
Loan Collection, 1983.

Did you know?

Minnie Evans's vivid drawings reflect the many colored flowers she saw at the botanical gardens in Wilmington, NC, where she worked as the gatekeeper. Essentially religious in inspiration, her works denote a world in which God, man, and nature are synonymous.

The term “altered states” (of mind, of consciousness, of awareness, etc.) describes intense mental and/or psychological changes that cause the person to lose his/her normal sensory perceptions. Almost always temporary, these distortions can occur as a result of fever, psychosis, meditation, lucid dreaming, sensory deprivation or overload, and trauma, to name but a few stimulants. Frequently associated with being transported into a transcendent realm of higher consciousness or truth, the phenomenon often is associated with artistic creativity as well. The works of art on display in this exhibition not only feature figures experiencing such mind expansions and visions, but also depict the products of such mental conditions. 

The exhibition is organized by Elaine D. Gustafson, Curator of Collections.


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