Janine Antoni: Falk Visiting Artist

  • Sep 23, 2007 – Dec 21, 2007
Janine Antoni, "Mortar and Pestle", 1999, C-print, 48 X 48 in.,
photographic assistance, David Allison. Courtesy of the artist and
Luhring Augustine, New York.

Internationally acclaimed artist Janine Antoni is known for translating the daily routines of bathing, eating and sleeping into unique art forms. Her early works include Gnaw (1992), for which she chomped into huge minimalist blocks of lard and chocolate and then molded the masticated bits into lipstick and chocolate boxes. Another well-known work is the live performance, Loving Care (1994), for which she tenaciously mopped an entire gallery floor with her hair soaked in black dye. Both works explore implications of gender and compulsion in everyday bodily actions. For her exhibition at the Weatherspoon, the artist presents work that uses similarly succinct physical gestures to examine the nature of three powerful, identity-forming relationships. In each piece she chooses a radically different medium in order to best express her meaning. In describing the concept for the show, the artist states, "This exhibition maps out my relationship to the world beginning with my mother in If I Die Before I Wake (mother's hand meets daughter's hand in prayer), (2004), my husband in Mortar and Pestle (1999), and the landscape in Touch (2002). It could be said that each work records a moment of contact. In all cases I have chosen an unexpected way to touch in order to expose something about these relationships and my longing for connection."

Janine Antoni is part of the Falk Visiting Artist series, a program produced collaboratively since 1982 by the Weatherspoon and the Art Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The program gives students at the University as well as members of the community an opportunity to meet and learn from artists who are active in the field.

Antoni (b. 1964, Freeport, Bahamas) received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College and MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has shown internationally since 1992, with recent solo exhibitions at the Institute of International Visual Arts, London (2006); Stockholm Konsthall (2004); and SITE Santa Fe (2002). Her group exhibitions include Into Me/Out of Me, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York and KW Institute, Berlin (2006/7); Open Ends: Minimalism and After, Museum of Modern Art, New York (2002); and Face-Off: The Portrait in Recent Art, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia and the Weatherspoon Art Museum (1994/95). She was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship in 1998. Antoni lives and works in New York. She is represented by Luhring Augustine, New York.

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