Sharon Louden: Taking Turns

  • Mar 8, 2009 – Jun 7, 2009
Sharon Louden, "The Bridge", 2008 (detail of 1 of 14 paintings), 13 in. x
13 in. each.


Sharon Louden's exhibition brings together three distinct bodies of her new work in two different settings: one of the Weatherspoon's galleries and the sculpture garden. Inside the Museum are a suite of fourteen paintings and a digital video projection, while the garden is the site of an installation of three-dimensional fiber-optic “drawings.” Despite differences of scale and materials, the three discrete parts of Taking Turns inform and amplify one another.

For Louden, line is a figurative element. In the paintings, single linear gestures evolve into rectangles and strokes of transparent paint can be read as rectilinear elements themselves. The video further animates Louden's lines as they float into the viewing field to assume such shapes as four-edged sheets of paper and portals. Finally in fiber-optic form, lines enter the third dimension to engage literal space.

Sharon Louden received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and her MFA from Yale University. The list of solo and group exhibitions to her credit is extensive, including those at The Neuberger Museum of Art, Carnegie Mellon University, Arkansas Arts Center, and Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London. She lives and works in Long Island City, NY.


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